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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Delivery Day!

I've been busy collecting coats for a very special group of kiddos from a low-income Head Start center who needed them.
Today was delivery day!  
This project actually started last year.

Although we had a pretty mild winter there were a few days it was below freezing.  
On one of these particular days, I just had a passing thought of how awful it would be if a child showed up to school without a coat that day.  
And then the thought kept swirling around in my head.
And then when I really thought about it, it made me so sad.  
I just kept thinking about it until finally I knew I had to do something.  
So, I prayed.

Maddie helped "organize" the gloves last night while I prepared the gift bags.
God brought to mind this particular Head Start.
I called the director and asked if there were any children who came to school without a coat that day.  
She said she would check.
She called me back and sure enough, there were 4 kids without coats.  
Maddie and I bought coats, hats, and gloves and made sure those 4 kiddos went home with a coat that same day!
It was such an amazing experience, I wanted to do it again this year and get more people involved.
I called up my new director friend and asked for a a list of kids who needed coats.
She gave me a few names, and I told her we could do more.  
She gave me a few more names and I told her I really thought we could do more!
Although I'm not the best organizer, one of the best parts was sharing the experience with my church family.  
So many people were so eager to help, it was touching.  
Me and Kathy!

Here's the thing about God.  
If you would have asked me if I felt qualified to "organize a coat drive" I would have scoffed and said, "no, not me!" 
But it was this subtle, quiet whisper that stirred my heart to the point of desperation.  By the end of that cold, winter day there was NO WAY those kids were going home without coats.  
Whatever it took.  
It wasn't ME doing the work, really.  
It was God's Spirit in me.  
What small whisper's been tugging at your heart lately?    
Do yourself a big favor and listen to it.
Embrace it, and let it take over.  
You'll be so grateful you did.  

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