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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hong Family Photoshoot

Last weekend I had the honor of photographing a wonderful family, celebrating a traditional Korean first birthday!
The table was so beautiful!!
I had never seen this before and felt so honored to be the one to capture this special day for them.  
Little Adella was turning one!
She got to choose which of the items from the bottom middle picture she wanted.  From what I understand this determines what kind of future she will have.  

Grandma as dressed in traditional gown too. 
She was stunning.  

After the formal pictures were taken, it was time for some fun!

I absolutely loved Mason's energy!  He was going 90 miles an hour with such a playful little spirit.
I brought along this camera as a prop.  
It was the perfect things to keep him busy while I also got pictures of the celebration table.  

Mom has a great sense of style and has requested some black and white edits.  

And it's always interesting getting the family picture to come out just right!!
sometimes you just have to combine a couple of pictures to make a family picture!

and after two hours of trying to reign in little Mason's energy, this is what you get...
I love this!! : )  

But we gave it one more try and I think we got one of the best family pictures I've ever taken...
Still working on a few more edits to finish things up, but this was definitely a fun, fun day!!

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