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After being told I would never be able to have children, I am now a stay-at-home Mommy to Maddie who happens to have Down Syndrome. I've been married 16 years to my best friend, having the time of my life. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our little journey through life.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Overwhelming Joy

I look at this picture and my heart just swells with gratitude.  I can't believe she's mine.  I can't believe I get to stay home all day with her and spend time with her.  I can't believe I get to teach her things and watch her grow and learn from her as she teaches me.  I love her zest for life.  I love that she wakes up in the mornings and automatically smiles and says, "Hi-ya!"  I love that she kisses Gracie the dog at least 15 times a day.  I love that she's hilarious and she knows it!  I love the way she dances and sticks her little hip out at the end of a "performance" with with her arms raised high waiting for applause.  I love that her favorite time of the day is after bath when she takes off and runs into the living room naked and free.  I love how easily she makes new friends at the park.  I love how generous she is with her kisses and her hugs.
Sometimes I don't know if my heart can handle so much joy, it feels like it could burst wide open like a pinata at a party. I suppose that's exactly why this blog exists.  To share this overwhelming joy we call Maddie. Thanks for taking part in the pinata-popping and reading my blog!  Hope you have a Happy Good Friday!

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