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Monday, June 4, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Have a Great Photoshoot!!

If you've scheduled a photo shoot with a professional photographer, chances are you are want to get the most out of our investment!!
Here are a few tips to ensure you will capture those unforgettable moments you will treasure for years and years.
Here's an example of the Hughes family that did everything RIGHT!! 
We had such a fun time so here's some take away lessons from my ideal client : ) 

1) RELAX!! 
 Teleisha was such an awesome Mommy...she played and let the kids play and wasn't stressed about getting that perfect pose!  We got some great real-life moments as a result. 

2) Don't fuss over wardrobe...wear what's comfortable
 I love that they wore things they were comfortable in.  
There's nothing wrong with coordinating colors either! 
My suggestion though is to start with something you love to wear and work around that.
Choose a neutral color with a couple of pops of color. 
If you want a coordinated look, have everyone keep within the color scheme but there's no need to go overboard with everyone matching. 

3) Bring props!
 Teleisha knew both of her kids love bubbles.
 This was a great way to begin the photo shoot.
 Everyone was playing and having fun and it set the mood for a great time together. 

4) Allow for creativity
 There is nothing better than having a client completely trust my instincts!!
That's not to say if you have ideas of your own that you shouldn't share. 
A photo shoot is a collaborative effort and these will be your images of your family.

5) Be flexible
 We ended up having to reschedule this shoot a couple of different times! 
Rider had shots one day, and Mom's instincts were right to reschedule the photo shoot.
The next time the weather was not cooperating so we had to reschedule.
Teleisha was super flexible though and we ended up with a perfect day!!

6) Meet with photographer ahead of time to talk about the photo shoot
This is really helpful.
I always go over expectations. 
I learn exactly what you are wanting out of your photo shoot. 
It's a good way to get everyone on the same page!

7) Act natural
I love this shot, mostly because it was totally unscripted!
This was Dad just being Dad and playing with his kids : ) 
So fun.

8) Let your kids be kids
Sometimes Brooklin directed where we would go next based on what caught her eye. 
Mom and Dad were great about letting that happen and then I got shots like this one...seeing the world through her eyes! 

9) Let loose
When Mom and Dad are relaxed and having fun, the mood translates to the kids. 
They totally feel the love and are gracious with hugs and smiles!!

10) HAVE FUN!!
Trust me...photo shoots do not have to be stressful!!
They can actually be some of the best memories you'll create as a family. 
When you have a fun photo shoot, you will appreciate the photos even MORE!! 

So next time you plan a photo shoot, keep these things in mind and you'll come away capturing your real, authentic family just they way you are!!

To see all of the photos from this awesome shoot, go to my website
 Look at Hughes family in gallery. 

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