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Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Neighborhood Walk - Toddler Style

The last couple of days have been so beautiful.  
It's hard to believe earlier this week we were building snowmen!

We have been taking walks around the neighborhood. 
I'm amazed how long it takes to walk a block with a toddler!  
I love how they have no concept of time and are never in a hurry and have absolutely no agenda!

For a toddler on a walk, it's important to notice each and every neighbor's newspaper that still awaits being picked up and read.  
  She takes them to the front door...to be helpful! : )

And of course on the way back from delivering the paper to the front door, a toddler is sure to stumble upon some great treasures...

And who says you have to walk on a walk around the neighborhood?
Why not hop?

Of course after such adventure, it's important to take a moment to rest...
At this point we had been out "walking" for about an hour...that's probably the equivalent of running a marathon for her little bitty toddler legs!

I think I would take a rest too!

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