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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hope Pregnancy Center


I've been needing to post this post for a couple of weeks now.  It's quiet this morning. No one else is up, so it's the perfect time to finally write.  
A few weeks ago, I posted A Call To Action.
I'm not the only one moved by these statistics!
After I called the Hope Pregnancy Center, I discovered so many ways to help.
I'm so excited to be volunteering as a photographer...once the families have their babies, a photo shoot it set up and I get to take their pictures!
I can't wait!

We're also participating in the Walk for Life on May 5th!
"The Walk for Life is a community event for all pro-life individuals to come together and show their support for unborn children and their families."
It's a perfect way to show support!
And they make it really easy...you can go to my Walk for Life Fundraising page and donate to keep this amazing organization doing what they do best.  You can also walk with us!  All of the info is right there on the website : ) 

This organization is so amazing in their compassion.
 I met with the director, Deborah, and she gave me a tour and told me a little more about what they do and how they operate.  
I got so excited to be taking the pictures, I immediately thought, "why don't we frame the pictures and decorate with them!" 
They replied back and told me although it sounds like an obvious thing, it's heart-wrenching for the mother's coming in wanting advice on abortions to see pictures of beautiful babies everywhere. 
I know their goal is the same as mine, to save as many babies from abortion as possible.
Even so, they cannot manipulate a decision like that, and I respect that.
For a client coming in, they will meet you right where you are and walk through the experience with you, whatever you decide.
The good news is, 95% of clients who have an ultrasound and see their baby choose life.
I think a lot of them also find the staff's unconditional love to be the hope they need in a desperate situation.   
Never underestimate the power of love! 

So here's your call to action...go the website, donate, and keep this organization funded!!
Thanks friends!

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