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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Know You Love Your Job When...

1.  You attend a tax workshop and discover you've put the cart before the horse and now you owe six months of interest and penalties but you never think of quitting (more on that later).  

2.  You resent your husband when he gets "caught up in work" and forgets to call to say he'll be late not because you had dinner ready to go and it's getting cold, but because you wish you could be the one getting caught up in work.  

3.  The one thing that would make the perfect day is just a little more time to practice.  

To all my photographer friends looking to start their business:  

I am learning the hard way that just wanting to do the right thing won't be enough for the tax guy.
As it turns out, the photography industry is the only industry who has to collect sales tax on EVERYTHING!!
Prints and products...collect sales tax. (that one totally makes sense, no brainer)
Time...collect sales tax (what?)
Labor....collect sales tax  (what?)
Equipment...pay sales tax now and forevermore (what?)
I asked the tax man why they are picking on photographers. 
I have to say before I go any further that he was a very nice man with honest answers and the one forced to enact the decisions of others.  
But what it all comes down to is the bottom line...
We are an easy target to get the state more money.
So, there's a few kinks in the road but nothing too insurmountable...I hope!
It's just made me realize that pursuing my passion is something worth fighting for.  
And that's how I know I love my job!


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