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After being told I would never be able to have children, I am now a stay-at-home Mommy to Maddie who happens to have Down Syndrome. I've been married 16 years to my best friend, having the time of my life. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our little journey through life.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Disney World Trip Report Day 2 of 12

I loved this day!
I set the alarm and got up early to catch the sunrise on the beach.
It was majestic, and I practically had the beach to myself.
It's one of those experiences that can't really be described..I'll let the pictures tell the story.  
(get ready-there's a LOT of pictures in this post.  I just couldn't narrow it down any further!)

"When I'm lost I feel so very found when you anchor me back down." - Mindy Gledhill lyrics to Anchor

After Kyle and Maddie woke up we had breakfast and headed to Live Naval Oaks National Park.  We decided to let Maddie choose the route.  
We originally planned on hiking a short distance, but Maddie ended up choosing the longest trail possible :)  
We estimate we must have hiked a good 2 miles before making it back to the parking lot!!
The weather was nice, but it was getting hot and we didn't come equipped with enough water fort that little adventure. 
Once again...TONS of pics! :)  

We left the Nature Park and had lunch at a place we discovered was a local favorite, the
 Native Cafe...always a good choice to eat with the locals!
They had the best fish tacos I've ever had.

We've decided from now on, we will just order Maddie french fries.
That's all she eats anyway, and she gets quite offended when her fries have to share a plate with other things like grilled cheese!

Now it was time the beach!
 The weather turned on us a little and became overcast.  Temps were still ok, so it was actually nice to not worry about severe sunburns.  

This was my first time in the ocean.  The waves were pretty rough and I found myself trying very hard to stay decent.  At one point I was extremely concerned the waves ripped my swim shorts right off, but happily it was only my imagination! 

Maddie LOVED the beach.  After a while, the water was chilly and the breeze picked up…it was COLD.  Maddie wasn’t about to let a little discomfort ruin her time on the beach.  We toughed it out, but finally when her legs were blue and she couldn’t stop shivering we pulled the plug.  A nice warm-up in the hot tub and she was the right color once again. 

Next, we got cleaned up and made our way to Crabs! We got em.  The atmosphere was so fun…right on the beach with a playground for the kids and everything.  Food was mediocre.  Ate some more oysters on the half shell and decided I definitely like ‘em. 

Pensacola was great but now it's time to pack up and get ready for the drive to Orlando!!! 


  1. I'm loving your trip report and your pictures are amazing!!!

  2. Thanks Diane! I think we may be ready for a new furry family member if you come by any that you think would be a good fit, let me know!! :)