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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disney World Trip Report Day 4 of 12

There are a few memories in life that stake their claim and build a forever-home in your heart.  

I thought about writing out the hour by hour detail of day 4's events, but really when I think back on it, there are two memories that deserve their own, uncluttered spotlight.  

Moments that are so precious and dear I will always remember them with a tear-filled warmness.  

The first was when Maddie met Tigger for the first time.  
She hugged and hugged and hugged him, taking much longer than expected.  
But Tigger hugged back and let her linger as long as she wanted.
Kyle took a video of it.
 I was worried we had taken more than our fair share of time allotment. Hearing the laughter and the "ahhhs", though put me at ease and I realized we weren't the only ones enjoying the moment. 

That meant so much to me.

I didn't think it was possible to out-do that experience, but when Maddie met Mickey...wow!  
He was so playful with her!
With some characters, she became shy when it was time to meet them, but with Mickey, she could not contain her joy!  

And that joy must have been contagious.  
When Maddie fell to the ground, rolling around with excitement, so did Mickey!
When Maddie put her hands on over her eyes, so did Mickey!  
They played and played.  
Here's a clip of that!
This time there was only one more family left in line behind us, and once again...all smiles.  
No one was impatiently waiting for their turn, just smiling and enjoying a special moment.

OK, so I know I said I wouldn't clutter this post with other stuff, but I just can't leave out some of my favorite pictures from the day.
It was just a great day!

 What are the odds that my good friend Tracy would be there on the same day!!!! 
I loved that moment :) 


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