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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Disney World Trip Report Day 3 of 12

Travel Day!  

We woke up and were ready for breakfast at 6:00 am, only to discover the breakfast buffet didn't open until 6:30!  
We decided to hang out and wait since we didn't have much planned for lunch and it was delicious the first day, plus it was included in a package deal when we booked the hotel.  

After breakfast, we were anxious to hit the road and get to Disney already!!

We weren't too concerned about a late start because we had built in a 2 hour time cushion before our dinner reservations for the Spirit of Aloha Luau at the Polynesian resort.  

They were pre-paid non-refundable tickets which was a little risky, but we planned for it.  

WELLLLL......what should have been a 6 hour drive turned into an 8 hour drive!

Buh-bye time cushion!! 

We were really concerned we wouldn't make it on time. Since it was a dinner show, we didn't know how they would handle a party coming late.  
I called the dining reservation number and spoke to a cast member.  
She said we would have a grace period of 15 minutes. 

We pulled into the parking lot for Bay Lake Tower right at 5:00, dinner reservations were for 5:15.  
Our gas light was on, but there was NO WAY we were stopping to fill up. 

Luckily, Grammie and PaPa were waiting for us in the parking lot.  
We jumped out, and ran to the monorail to get there in time. 

We finally got there and sat down RIGHT AT 5:30!  
We used every minute of our 15 minute grace period :)  

So, we began the trip with a little extra adrenaline and I enjoyed a nice glass of wine with dinner!

The food was amazing!

The show was awesome!

The only downside was the noise.
We didn't realize how loud the speaker system was.  
On top of that the performers would speak really loudly to hype up the crowd.  
It was a little too much for Maddie.  
She was scared and sat on my lap the entire show.  

On top of everything else, it was raining!  
Despite a few unfortunate details, we had a great time.
 By the way, a lot of these pictures you will see were taken by Kyle.  I didn't bring my camera along most days, and he had a Canon G15 that is a smaller point and shoot camera.  
He did a great job getting some great shots!!

After the Luau, it was back to Bay Lake Tower to unpack and settle in!
We were so thrilled with the room. 
We stayed in the Two Bedroom Villa.
This was the view from the walkway from Bay Lake Tower to the Contemporary.  
Even though it was rainy, you can still see in the top left Cinderella's Castle and the white building is Space Mountain.  
There's a walkway to Magic Kingdom and it only took about 10 minutes to walk there!
Kyle and I insisted Mom and Dad take the master suite.  
Our balcony overlooked the pool, which was nice when Maddie went swimming, Grammie could watch from the balcony.  
 I took this shot on another day, but it shows you the pool area.  

Here's the bathroom for the Master...

We had a laundry room, which was SO NICE since it meant we didn't have to pack as many clothes!

The living area and kitchen...

The second bedroom...

the galley kitchen...

Not sure what was so funny, but it was a fun picture to include!

Next, was the second bedroom bathroom...

and then there was a third bathroom...

So, it was extremely spacious and comfortable and a lovely place to call home for the next few days.  

After settling in, we went up to the Top of the World Lounge and Observation deck to watch Wishes!, Magic Kingdom's nightly firework show.  

We weren't prepared for how scared Maddie would be.
She wanted nothing at all to do with any fireworks, so that was a bummer.  
We realized we needed to get her some ear plugs for the rest of the week to help her with the loud noises.  

So, that was Day 3...stay tuned,  
Day 4 was the first day at Magic Kingdom!!!

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  1. Loved seeing your room at Bay Lake, I've been wanting to stay there! Kyle pictures are great!